The Story of the Windmill House

Windmill House is the vision of my father, Joe Cordovana. Joe, or JC, as he prefers to be called, purchased the 90 acres of land on which the Windmill House sits, in 1978 and soon after it became the JC Ranch, located in Chino Valley, Arizona. 

Through the years, we raised pasture to feed hundreds of livestock that included sheep, horses, and cows that JC enjoyed making his hobby. As kids at the time, we didn't know it, but JC had a vision and knew exactly what the JC Ranch would develop into almost 40 years later. Well, what was it you ask? 
The Windmill House. A one of a kind setting on a man-made lake, unbelievable lush landscapes, a Tuscan main building that allows for unobstructed views of the San Francisco Peaks, and of course, JC's own ranch. ​

In 2016 Windmill House celebrated its 10th anniversary. Originally opened and operated by our family in 2006, we were forced to closed for 5 years for redevelopment and zoning. In May 2016, Tony and Michael Cordovana, JC's sons, returned to re open and continue JC's  original vision. In a very short time of its re opening in May 2016, Windmill House has once again established itself as Northern Arizona's premier event facility. 

Thank-you for all your support - past, present, and future. The Cordovana Family welcomes all of you and your families to celebrate life with us. Please come by and take a look and see if you see... the vision of JC.

Your Host 

Thank you for taking the time to consider The Windmill House to host your event. 

Tony Cordovana, your Windmill host, is dedicated to creating a flawless event and party from

beginning to end. His extensive experience in hospitality, restaurant management and

operations, bar, party planning and customer service excellence will oversee these events

personally to create that one special memory of a lifetime.  

It all starts with a tour of the property where he will fill in all the details, show you exactly what

could be, and explain just how amazing your event will be.  He has more than 400 successful

weddings and events to his credit and has great ideas to compliment your own. Booking an event

will not get any easier than doing it with Tony at Windmill House. Do you have a budget? He can

make it happen.  Do you have a dream event you're thinking of? He can make it come true. Is

there something you want to have happen and just can’t figure out how to do it? He definitely

“knows a guy who knows a guy”. There are no hidden fees and/or agendas. From the moment

you make the decision that Windmill House will be your Event Destination, you will know the

bottom line. He will work with you thru the months that lead up to your event, allow you to make

adjustments, and nothing is set in stone until 5 days before. No stress, no drama, no worries.

So simple! 

After extensive exposure to different elements within the hospitality field from his own Italian

restaurant called Tony’s Amici at the age of 21 to being the Director of Operations of Slice of

Vegas, a restaurant in Las Vegas in the Mandalay Bay Resort, his true passion for sales and event

planning re-surfaced. Again, with the help of his brother and father, they brought to reality his

fathers “Vision” that would now become Windmill House at JC Ranch. 

Whether designing an event for the President of a Fortune 500 company, or planning a party

for a bride, or planning a theme dinner for his own friends, Tony’s dedication to service shines

through in every event he throws. 

In 2006 when Windmill House first opened, Tony coined the phrase: The Windmill House… an Event Experience.